Subject: Re: pkg/34036 (pkgsrc no longer fetches files)
To: Stuart Shelton <>
From: Johnny Lam <>
List: pkgsrc-bugs
Date: 07/20/2006 14:06:20
Stuart Shelton wrote:
>> Can you try running bootstrap again on your machine?
> Unless something very strange is going on, there also seems to be a
> bug in the bootstrap script:
> bootstrap/bootstrap contains:
> run_cmd "$install_sh -c -o $user -g $group -m 755
> $wrkdir/install-sh/install-sh $prefix/bin/install-sh"
> (line 702 - note that this only occurs on OS where "need_bsd_install"
> is set, and so may not have been picked up)
> Now "$wrkdir/install-sh" exists, and is the install-sh script.
> However, "$wrkdir/install-sh/install-sh" doesn't, and so the script
> fails.

That has already been fixed on pkgsrc HEAD.  You'll need to update your 
pkgsrc to pull in the fix.


	-- Johnny Lam <>