Subject: Re: pkg/33993 (Cannot build pkgsrc gnome-vfs2: libgssapi not found)
To: None <>
From: Stuart Shelton <>
List: pkgsrc-bugs
Date: 07/13/2006 16:02:12
> Does adding:
>         .include "../../security/heimdal/"
> to the gnome-vfs2 Makefile, and 'make clean && make' help?

No - I get the same error even with this added :(

According to the PLISTs, heimdal provides lib/ and
include/krb5/gssapi.h, whilst mit-krb5 provides
include/gssapi/gssapi.h but only lib/  cy2-gssapi
provides lib/sasl2/, whilst
emulators/netbsd32_compat1[56] provide
${COMPAT_EMULSUBDIR}/usr/lib/, and
${COMPAT_EMULSUBDIR}/usr/lib/ between them - so do I
need one of these?