Subject: PR/30022 CVS commit: pkgsrc/lang/sablevm
To: None <,,>
From: Antoine Reilles <>
List: pkgsrc-bugs
Date: 04/15/2006 22:25:02
The following reply was made to PR pkg/30022; it has been noted by GNATS.

From: Antoine Reilles <>
Subject: PR/30022 CVS commit: pkgsrc/lang/sablevm
Date: Sat, 15 Apr 2006 22:20:02 +0000 (UTC)

 Module Name:	pkgsrc
 Committed By:	tonio
 Date:		Sat Apr 15 22:20:02 UTC 2006
 Modified Files:
 	pkgsrc/lang/sablevm: Makefile PLIST distinfo
 	pkgsrc/lang/sablevm/patches: patch-aa
 Removed Files:
 	pkgsrc/lang/sablevm/patches: patch-ab
 Log Message:
 Update to sablevm 1.13
 This fixes PR pkg/30022
 (selected parts of changelog)
 * Version 1.13
 - Updated the class library to the GNU Classpath 0.19 release.
 - Fixed internal libffi on ia64.
 - Fixed possible interpeter crashes on ia64.
 - Other small bugfixes.
 * Version 1.12
 - Fixed write barriers for generational garbage collector.
 - Imported GNU Classpath 0.16 release (plus later fixes).
 - Disabled inlined engine on alpha.
 - Added jar-sablevm wrapper for fastjar.
 - Fixed NaN -> int conversion.
 - Improved AIX support.
 - Improved Cygwin support (but not in SableVM SDK).
 * Version 1.11
 - Fixed many important bugs of version 1.1.10.
 - Imported GNU Classpath CVS snapshot as of March 12, 2005.
 - Added assertions to check that the env pointer is valid in JNI calls.
 - Implemented non-blocking locking, and used it to solve a hashcode bug.
 - Solved many subtle bugs resulting in incompletely initialized
   threads and stack corruption.
 - Added creation of rt.jar symlink to libclasspath.jar.
 * Version 1.1.10
 - Imported the code of GNU Classpath 0.14.
 - Implemented most of the missing JNI 1.2 functions.
 - Implemented the new JNI 1.4 nio related functions.
 - Fixed the java-sablevm wrapper to better handle LD_LIBRARY_PATH,
   -Djava.library.path and CLASSPATH setting.
 - Disabled the timezone setting in java-sablevm wrapper - classpath
   should now do it on its own.
 - Fixed Object.wait() when timeout is specified.  This fixes Ant pauses.
 - Changed _svmm_fatal_error() to actually print the function name,
   when possible.
 - Added thread IDs to verbose instruction output
 - Implemented Java_java_lang_VMRuntime_[free|total|max]Memory().
 - Implemented basic JDK home support.
 - Fixed various bugs.
 * Version 1.1.9
 - Added the necessary support to run both Eclipse 2 and Eclipse 3
   without using external libraries.  Instructions are available
   at .
 - Merged code from GNU Classpath 0.13 release.
 - Improved error messages related to exceptions at bootstrap (ie.
   binding to non-existant native methods).
 - Implemented some missing JNI functions.
 - Added some missing system-dependant Java properties.
 - Enabled "real life brokenness" option by default to better handle
   native code not adhering to the Java specs.
 - Improved cross-compiliation support.
 * Version 1.1.8
 - Imported a new GNU Classpath CVS snapshot as of December 28, 2004.
 - Implemented some missing JNI functions needed by qt/java.
 - Set BOOTCLASSPATH in java-sablevm to help jikes find our libs.
 - Wrapped the exception thrown by a constructor or a method invoked
   through reflection in an InvocationTargetException instance.
 - Added ProtectionDomain handling for classes loaded via j.l.ClassLoader.
 - Started to use URLClassLoader instead of gnu.j.l.SystemClassLoader,
   which apparently was used by us exclusively.
 - Enabled GCC unused and long-long warnings, then fixed tons of warnings.
 - Implemented [Get|Release]PrimitiveArrayCritical.
 - Solved a class loading related deadlock.
 - Fixed a VMThread.sleep bug.
 - Passed the class name as a parameter to LinkageError and
   ClassCircularityError in java.lang.ClassLoader.
 - Added function name as message to UnsatisfiedLinkError for missing
   native functions.
 * Version 1.1.7
 - Imported new GNU Classpath CVS snapshot as of Sun Oct 10 18:00:00 UTC 2004.
 - Added handling of Jar/Zip files on boot classpath (closes BUG:2).
 - Provided user-friendly failure messages for bootstrap problems.  This
   should get rid of the hated "sablevm: cannot create vm".
 - Allowed for multiple elements and prepending/appending to boot class path.
 - Added --with-profiling switch to make most functions non-"static".
 - Made sablevm-classpath install its files in more standard locations.
 - Explicitely disallowed compilation of classpath with gcj or kjc (it
   never worked reliably).
 - Made jikes and gcc be less verbose by default (to avoid confusion).
 - Removed some obsolete code from various places.
 - Added new Generational Garbage Collector ("experimental", available on
   request, by passing --with-gc=gencopy to configure).
 - Made several bugfixes of:
   - JNI methods not returning NULL on errors (closes BUG:12).
   - IsInstanceOf always returning JNI_FALSE (closes BUG:63).
   - A copy&paste mistake in PopLocalFrame (closes BUG:62).
   - Several JNI methods not returning NULL on errors (closes BUG:12).
   - IsInstanceOf always returning JNI_FALSE (closes BUG:63).
   - "New array" memory allocation size overflow (closes BUG:8).
   - Out-of-source builds (closes BUG:55).
   - Handling of 'double' values on ARM.
   - FPU in 64-bit precision mode on Linux / Intel x86 (closes BUG:1).
   - F2L, F2I, D2L, D2I not checking for overflows (closes BUG:54).
   - SIGPIPE killing the VM (closes BUG:51).
   - GNU make detection on non-GNU/Linux platforms.
   - Case-insensitive grepping for "Main-Class:" string in MANIFEST.MF.
 * Version 1.1.6
 - Synchronized sablevm-classpath with the latest GNU Classpath CVS
   (post 0.10 release) as of July 10, 2004.
 - Improved AWT and Swing support.
 - Added additional checks to for FreeBSD.
 - Added new DecoderUS_ASCII, Spring and SpringLayout classes.
 - Added a sablevm.verbose.synchronization (DEBUG) option to help
   debugging deadlocks.
 - Improved TimeZone handling.
 - Added useful additional information in stack dumps.
 * Version 1.1.5
 - Synchronized sablevm-classpath with the latest GNU Classpath CVS as of May 29, 2004.
 - Improved the support for Ant 1.6.
 - Switched to libtool handling to find the right library suffixes.
   This helps some platforms like OpenBSD and Cygwin.
 - Fixed a corner case problem with class loading.
 - Made some other small bug fixes.
 * Version 1.1.4
 - Updated sablevm-classpath with the recent GNU Classpath 0.09 release
   and later GNU Classpath CVS changes as of May 4, 2004.
 - Improved support for AWT and Swing.
 - Eliminated the dependency lt_dlopen(NULL) which seem broken on some
   platforms such as Cygwin and some *BSD.
 - Switched to new, complete implementation of VMProcess/Process from
   GNU Classpath instead of using our own previous partial
 - Added x86_64 (AMD64) support to the already supported 8 other
   architectures of Debian GNU/Linux (alpha, hppa, i386, ia64, m68k,
   powerpc, s390, sparc).  The support for the remaining mips and
   mipsel architectures of Debian is apparently implemented but it has
   not yet been confirmed.
 - Improved autodetection of build parameters on non-GNU/Linux systems.
   This includes selection of dynamic libraries, availability of m4
   preprocessor and auto-disabling "signals for exceptions" on
   platforms that don't seem to support signals.
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