Subject: Re: pkg/33221: default exim configuration file
To: None <>
From: Aleksey Cheusov <>
List: pkgsrc-bugs
Date: 04/09/2006 18:28:50
 >>   >> IMHO it is better for daemons to listen to loopback interface
 >>   >> only by default. A patch for exim is below.
 >>  >  
 >>  >  This has been discussed before and rejected.
 >>  Rejected?  from pkgsrc-users mailing list:
>  I was refering to a different debatte than :-)
You didn't include me to Cc :)

 >>  ////////////////////////////////////////////
 >>  > Why not to change exim's default configuration file like this,
 >>  > i.e. to use it for local delivery only BY DEFAULT?
 >>  David Brownlee <>
 >>   	I'm not adverse to this change, providing the MESSAGE
 >>   	documents it. For reference, do sendmail and postfix install
 >>   	from pkgsrc setup like this?
>  The point is that sendmail and postfix should not have such a
>  default config at all.
"should not" or "hasn't not"? ;)

***) If you meant that all MTA should have the same (or closer)
DEFAULT configuration, I agree.

IMO all they should be configured for local
delivery only with no listening to external network interfaces by

It is probably good idea to have several example configuration for
most probable cases. NetBSD has not things like Debian's debconf.
Several example configuration files may be treated as not so bad

 >>  >  You have to explicitly enable the daemon and you installed it
 >>  >  -- why should you want a crippled program?
 >>  Just because it is safer behaviour and it is not needed for most
 >>  cases.
>  In which case do you install a third-party package and don't use
>  the default mailer of the operating system?
Sendmail is too complex and too big for me ;)

>  Of course, David is the maintainer and has the last word :-)
In case you (pkgsrc and netbsd developers) agree with ***) my report
concerns more people, not David alone ;)

Best regards, Aleksey Cheusov.