Subject: Re: pkg/32961: netpbm-10.32 fails to "make install".
To: None <>
From: Neil Hoggarth <>
List: pkgsrc-bugs
Date: 03/02/2006 10:26:44
On Wed, 1 Mar 2006, wrote:

> Please check the output of the *build* phase for possible compilation
> errors.

The build phase completes successfully, and I've not managed to find any 
errors in the output. There is also no mention of pnmdepth in the build 
phase output.

<> says that pnmdepth has 
been newly replaced in this particular release of NetPBM.

The install phase output contains the following:

gmake[1]: Entering directory `/export/scratch/pkgsrc/graphics/netpbm/work/netpbm-10.32/other'
cd  /export/scratch/pkgsrc/graphics/netpbm/work/staging/bin ; \
   rm -f pnmsplit ; \
   ln -s pamsplit pnmsplit
cd  /export/scratch/pkgsrc/graphics/netpbm/work/staging/bin ; \
   rm -f pnmsdepth ; \
   ln -s pnmsdepth pnmdepth
gmake[1]: Leaving directory `/export/scratch/pkgsrc/graphics/netpbm/work/netpbm-10.32/other'

which looks wrong to me - the final rm/ln combination explicitly creates 
a dangling symlink. I'd expect the latter couple of lines to be 
something like:

   rm -f pnmdepth ; \
   ln -s pamdepth pnmdepth

The erroneous make instructions appear to come from the NetPBM release
(but get exposed on pkgsrc because of the "staging" that is part of
the install process for this package?). I have now managed to get the
package to install, by manually applying the following change:

--- work/netpbm-10.32/other/Makefile.old	Tue Jan  3 22:47:15 2006
+++ work/netpbm-10.32/other/Makefile	Thu Mar  2 10:20:21 2006
@@ -66,7 +66,7 @@
  	  $(SYMLINK) pamsplit$(EXE) pnmsplit
  # In February 2006, pamdepth replaced pnmdepth
  	cd $(PKGDIR)/bin ; \
-	  rm -f pnmsdepth ; \
-	  $(SYMLINK) pnmsdepth$(EXE) pnmdepth
+	  rm -f pnmdepth ; \
+	  $(SYMLINK) pamdepth$(EXE) pnmdepth


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