Subject: RE: pkg/32122
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From: Duncan Shannon <>
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Date: 11/19/2005 15:41:34

Sorry if this is missing the point, either something actually is wrong,
or I missed something following the netbsd guide or the netbsd guide is
missing something.

Im new to netbsd (which im sure is no surprise to you at this point) but
I did 1) follow the NetBSD Guide on and 2) ask
$MyNetBSDSmartGuy and he didn't say anything about the pkgsrc being out
of date (as I just grabbed it 2 days ago from the Mirror of

Lets take the path that I missed something as a new netbsd user...
either I truly missed something in the guide, or the guide is not
obvious enough for a new user to netbsd and pkgsrc (I've used linux and
freebsd inpast).

I followed this almost exactly (other than I used the mirror)

I grabbed the tarball on Friday evening. I tried to install apache after
unpacking the tarball.  It failed right away.

Can you tell me where the breakdown in the process was that should have
tipped me off?

Thank you, I apprecaite the time. Im truly trying to not waste anyones
time and trying to follow the fine manual.


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> httpd-2.0.49 is outdated for quite a long time. You should either
> your copy of pkgsrc (use "cvs update -dP") or change the MASTER_SITES
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> Roland