Subject: Re: pkg/31170: firefox package build dumps core
To: , <>
From: David H.Gutteridge <>
List: pkgsrc-bugs
Date: 09/07/2005 14:36:45
Hello fellow Firefox build sufferer,

I've successfully built Firefox several times on 2.1RC3/i386, several times
because if you do get it running, you may find it has what appear to be
problems relating to netdb functions.  I've put some emails out about the
issue, but don't know of a solution at this point.  (See for instance

Basically, DNS queries hang, and they can do so even when the browser just
starts up and calls the home page that's set.  This appears to be related
to the fact that the pertinent function(s) in netdb.h are not thread-safe,
but I'm a bit confused as to why the exact same package built with the very
same options under 2.0.2/i386 works without such problems, I haven't figured
that out.  (So I may be following a red herring.)

I have two Firefox builds in package form, the plain vanilla version and one
with debugging symbols and output enabled.  If you're willing to trust some
guy you don't know on the internet (ha ha), I can make them available to you.