Subject: Re: pkg/31168: databases/db3 fails to link
To: None <>
From: grant beattie <>
List: pkgsrc-bugs
Date: 09/06/2005 19:07:58
On Tue, Sep 06, 2005 at 01:57:00AM +0000, wrote:

> ld: /usr/lib/gcc/powerpc-apple-darwin8/4.0.0/libgcc_eh.a(unwind-dw2.o) has external relocation entries in non-writable section (__TEXT,__text) for symbols:
> restFP
> saveFP
> /usr/bin/libtool: internal link edit command failed
> *** Error code 1

I'm not certain, but this looks like a problem with Apple's gcc, not a
pkgsrc or package issue... I haven't yet had a chance to do anything
with pkgsrc on Darwin 8.