Subject: Re: pkg/30347: +DEINSTALL scripts are incomplete
To: None <,,>
From: Jeremy C. Reed <>
List: pkgsrc-bugs
Date: 05/27/2005 17:06:05
The following reply was made to PR pkg/30347; it has been noted by GNATS.

From: "Jeremy C. Reed" <>
To: "Johnny C. Lam" <>
Subject: Re: pkg/30347: +DEINSTALL scripts are incomplete
Date: Fri, 27 May 2005 10:05:05 -0700 (PDT)

 On Fri, 27 May 2005, Johnny C. Lam wrote:
 > I can't reproduce this problem on my system.  The way that binary
 > packages are installed is that the +INSTALL script runs the PRE-INSTALL
 > action to create the various +DIRS, +FILES, etc. sub-scripts within the
 > temporary directory, and then during the package registration, all of
 > the +* files are copied into /var/db/pkg/<pkgname>.  The copying happens
 > in line 875 of pkg_install/files/add/perform.c.  It works correctly on
 > my system:
 > pkg_comp:default.conf# pkg_info -V
 > 20050204
 > pkg_comp:default.conf# pkg_add /p/packages/All/fam-2.7.0nb5.tgz
 > ===========================================================================
 > Installing files needed by fam-2.7.0nb5:
 This is one thing I immediately notice different. Mine doesn't say the
 package name but actually has "needed by" the staging directory name. (I
 mentioned this before.)
 I see I have:
 $NetBSD: perform.c,v 1.27 2004/12/29 12:16:56 agc Exp $
 I noticed the problem on systems that don't have any pkgsrc builds and so
 I don't have any PKGTOOLS_REQD testing done.
 We need to figure out a way to say that the pkg_install is too old.
 Maybe add to pkg-vulnerabilities?
 Or maybe have the meta-data for new packages indicate what PKGTOOLS_REQD
 is now needed and have pkg_add (and maybe also pkg_info) actually test
 that: "The package foo-1.2.3 to be installed requires package tools of at
 least version ${PKGTOOLS_REQD}. Use the -f to force the installation or
 upgrade pkg_install package first."
 Or both?
  Jeremy C. Reed
  	  	 	 technical support & remote administration