Subject: Re: pkg/25390
To: None <,>
From: Christian Hattemer <>
List: pkgsrc-bugs
Date: 05/19/2005 00:47:28

On 17.05.05, you wrote:

> I just checked in some changes to pkgsrc/Makefile, pkgsrc/,
> and pkgsrc/mk/scripts/ which should fix this problem robustly.  Please
> let me know if its better for you.

Looks very nice. But there are a few issues to resolve.

The first time I ran it after the cvs update it produced this result and
hung in the end, eating 100% CPU. Seems it would hang forever if not
interrupted. (Sorry about the odd word wrap)

---->  Creating new database in
---->  Depending in /usr/pkgsrc/pkgtools/prereq-readme (pass #1)
Complete dependency database left in
Reading database file
Making sure binary package cache file is up to date...
----> Checking cache in /usr/local/packages/2.0_STABLE/i386//All
      Missing cache file. 
/usr/local/packages/2.0_STABLE/i386//All/.pkgcache wi
ll be generated.
mv: rename /tmp/pkg-cache.998/.pkgcache to
All/.pkgcache: Permission denied
----> Checking master cache file
      Creating master cache file
cp: /usr/local/packages/2.0_STABLE/i386/.pkgcache: Permission denied
      Updating master cache file
mv: rename /tmp/pkg-cache.998/.pkgcache to
pkgcache: Permission denied
Loading binary package cache file...

After I made the directories writable all is fine. There should be error
messages instead of the hang.

On a minor issue, consider this output of the first successful run:

----> Checking master cache file
      Creating master cache file
      Master cache file /usr/local/packages/2.0_STABLE/i386/.pkgcache is up
to date

Perhaps the note that the file is up to date shouldn't appear when it has
just been created before. Also, the ouput of this stage could look like the
output of the previous cache file stage.

Another longstanding problem which still remains is that the code that
selects the vulnerabilities for a given pkg from the list is very simple
and checks only the beginning of the name. With the RegExps nowadays used
in the list to handle vulnerabilities of multiple related pkgs (e.g.
mozilla{,-gtk2}) in one line this results to the omission of such
vulnerabilities in the generated readme.

To fix this it would probably best to use "pkg_admin pmatch" as
does in check-vulnerable.

Bye, Chris