Subject: chat/eggdrop not working
To: None <pkgsrc-bugs@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Stephan Schroevers <>
List: pkgsrc-bugs
Date: 04/26/2005 16:39:47
Hi all,

The package eggdrop in the pkgsrc isn't supposed to be there.
I installed it and found that a) it doesn't properly install the required
modules and b) after manually moving them the correct location, other problems
This made me visit #eggdrop @ UnderNet (the official support channel for
Eggdrop), where I was told:

16:01:22 < Stephan202> I have installed eggdrop before without anyprobles, but
                       then as a regular user.
16:01:35 < Stephan202> seems it was not made to be in pkgsrc.
16:02:57 <@Paladin``>  Stephan202: correct.. Eggdrop was not meant to be
                       installed as a package
16:09:00 < Stephan202> Paladin``: is the package-version supported by
                       Eggheads, or is it a private (apperantly unsuccesfull,
                       but maintained) private initiative?
16:09:50 <@Paladin``>  Stephan202: if it was never meant to be installed as a
                       package, why would we support it as a package?
16:10:39 < Stephan202> err. right. dumb me

I have no doubts eggdrop can be made to work as a package, but in its current
form that seems to involve giving users writing permissions in places they
shouldn't be writing: when launching the application it cannot create several
files. Judging from the regular installation (non-pkgsrc), eggrop wants these
files to be installed in the same directory as the binary (executable).
Obviously, this cannot be allowed.