Subject: Re: pkg/29827: (x11/kdebase3) kdm eats my keyboard!
To: None <>
From: Davide Zanon <>
List: pkgsrc-bugs
Date: 03/30/2005 09:44:55
On Tuesday 29 March 2005 22:34, Mark Davies wrote:
>  In your kdmrc, in the [X-:*-Core] section, add "vt05" to the
> ServerArgsLocal= line:
>  ServerArgsLocal=-nolisten tcp vt05

Is this right on macppc too? I think it doesn't support wscons's virtual 
terminals, so I think it won't work. In fact, some time ago I was using kdm, 
and it tried to startup X  with 'vt05' option, which was unrecognised and 
caused X to die. Any hints?

>  In kde 3.3 and before this was done in the Xservers file but now is
> integrated into the kdmrc file and I'd forgotten about still having to make
> the equivalent change to the old patch-al.  Will fix.
>  cheers
>  mark

Thank you