Subject: Re: pkg/29791
To: Jeremy C. Reed <>
From: Jussi Liukkonen <>
List: pkgsrc-bugs
Date: 03/30/2005 02:49:38

the problem is a double space after the prompt, not in the double-tab 
output. In other words, my prompt with a new, empty line should look 

snafu:~$ _
         ^space here (between \$ and the cursor)

But with netbsd, it looks like:

snafu:~$  _
         ^^two spaces here (between \$ and the cursor)

And when I do the double-tab thingy, the cursor jumps to its correct 
place. Editing past the line-wrap point and backspacing enough, or ^A 
after wrapping, also jumps to the correct place, but oftentimes not 
redrawing the line properly due to the off-by-one error.

Note that I use the \[...\] mechanism in PS1 to enter characters that 
should be excluded from prompt length when calculating cursor 
positioning (specifically, to show some stuff like \h:\w in an xterm 
titlebar). If I don't do that, then there is no extra space, or redraw 
problems after wrap.

In darwin7, redhat9 linux, solaris8/9, or freebsd4, there never is an 
extra space or redraw issues using the same bash, terminal and PS1 (all 
the abovementioned machines are in the same NIS/NFS cluster, so they 
see the same ~/.profile). Which leads me to suspect the netbsd 
adaptation and/or libraries.