Subject: Re: pkg/26769
To: None <>
From: Robert Lillack <>
List: pkgsrc-bugs
Date: 03/23/2005 16:18:27 wrote:

> libxklavier has changed a lot after the update to 2.0.  In fact, it now
> forcibly uses xkb, I think.  Does this work correctly for you?

The configure script seems to be a lot more intelligent now.
It gives me:

| **********************************************************
|   Libxklavier is configured with the following backends:
|     XKB (but libxkbfile headers are NOT present)
|     xmodmap
| **********************************************************

(which is a good thing, IMHO) and after adding

| .include "../../devel/libgetopt/"

(unrelated to the previous error, needed for the tests subdir)
libxklavier builds, installs and packages fine (On Solaris 8 using 
SunPro). Thanks.
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