Subject: PR/28993 CVS commit: pkgsrc/wm/ratpoison
To: None <,,>
From: Thomas Klausner <>
List: pkgsrc-bugs
Date: 03/19/2005 15:25:01
The following reply was made to PR pkg/28993; it has been noted by GNATS.

From: Thomas Klausner <>
Subject: PR/28993 CVS commit: pkgsrc/wm/ratpoison
Date: Sat, 19 Mar 2005 15:24:31 +0000 (UTC)

 Module Name:	pkgsrc
 Committed By:	wiz
 Date:		Sat Mar 19 15:24:31 UTC 2005
 Modified Files:
 	pkgsrc/wm/ratpoison: Makefile PLIST distinfo
 Added Files:
 	pkgsrc/wm/ratpoison/patches: patch-aa
 Log Message:
 Update to 1.3.0, provided by Antoine Reilles in PR 28993:
 * Changes since 1.3.0-rc2-beta2
 ** new format option %f
 This options displays the frame number the window is in or a space if
 it is not in a window.
 ** Super modifier changed from S to s. S is now the shift modifier
 * Changes since 1.3.0-rc2-beta1
 ** New command 'set'
 set replaces the def* commands. For example 'defwinliststyle column'
 is now 'set winliststyle column'.
 The old def* commands now alias to their 'set' version.
 * Changes since 1.3.0-rc1
 ** Top level keymap
 The keymap named 'top' is now a top level keymap. No prefix key need
 be pressed to access its bindings. In fact, the prefix key is now a
 binding in the 'top' keymap.
 ** hsplit and vsplit switched
 To be compatible with emacs these command names have been
 switched. The bindings are the same but custom scripts and aliases
 will have to make the switch.
 ** new command defframesels
 Allow you to customize the keys used to select frames with fselect.
 ** Xinerama support
 Each xinerama screen is handled as X11 screens normally are. The only
 different is that each xinerama screen can select from all the
 managed windows.
 ** focuslast finds the last focused frame among all screens
 ** fselect selects from frames in all screens
 ** new command-line option --file
 Used to specify an alternate configuration file.
 * Changes since 1.3.0-beta3
 ** new configure option --disable-history
 ** new commands readkey, newkmap, delkmap, definekey
 These commands operate on the new feature: keymaps. They allow you to
 have nested keymaps.
 * Changes since 1.3.0-beta2
 ** new command gdelete
 Delete a group.
 ** contrib/ script
 A script that lists all groups and the windows in each group.
 * Changes since 1.2.2
 ** Workspace script
 rpws is an installed script that adds workspaces to ratpoison. Look at
 contrib/rpws for instructions on how to use it.
 ** new commands addhook and remhook
 There are now hooks for various operations.
 ** Completions
 You can now type Tab and get completions on window names, group names,
 and colon commands.
 ** Line editing capabilities
 You can now go forward a word, backward a char, delete a word, etc.
 ** New commands gnewbg, gselect, groups, gmove, and gmerge
 These commands allow further manipulation of window groups.
 ** shell commands return status
 If a command the user executed (with the exec command) returns with a
 non-zero exit status, the command and exit status are reported in a
 ** new commands gnew, gnext, gprev
 Window are now part of groups. There can be more than one group.
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