Subject: Re: pkg/29579: Installation of MySQL server doesn't mention the
To: None <>
From: Juan RP <>
List: pkgsrc-bugs
Date: 03/07/2005 21:19:25
On Wed,  2 Mar 2005 18:40:00 +0000 (UTC) wrote:

> For MySQL 4.1.x:
> In the MESSAGE file it says:
> You can start the MySQL server doing the following steps:
> $ echo "mysqld=yes" >> /etc/rc.conf # NetBSD or a system with rc.d
> $ ${RCD_SCRIPTS_DIR}/mysqld start
> The mysqld file, however, never gets copied to RCD_SCRIPTS_DIR.

This is because you need PKG_RCD_SCRIPTS=YES in mk.conf, which copies
the rc.d scripts automagically into ${RCD_SCRIPTS_DIR} every time the 
package is installed (it will be removed too when the package is deinstalled).

I think this should be documented in the pkgsrc guide, not a mysql problem.