Subject: Re: pkg/28635: firefox-gtk2 fails to build
To: None <>
From: Shin'ichiro TAYA <>
List: pkgsrc-bugs
Date: 12/16/2004 00:28:55
Julius Malkiewicz wrote:

> System: NetBSD thingy 2.0 NetBSD 2.0 (INSPIRON) #0: Mon Dec 13 04:49:35 EST 2004 julius@thingy:/home/julius/build/obj/sys/arch/i386/compile/INSPIRON i386
> Architecture: i386
> Machine: i386
> 	sys/statvfs.h and sys/statfs.h are both included in
> 	xpcom/io/nsLocalFileUnix.h and xpcom/obsolete/nsFileSpecUnix.cpp
> 	leading to redefinition of types and structures.
> 	attempt to build www/firefox-gtk2 in current pkgsrc tree (probably
> 	affects other firefox -based browsers as well).

Which version of NetBSD are you using?
I can compile it on both -current & 2.0 /i386.

> 	2.  only include <sys/statvfs.h> when HAVE_SYS_STATFS_H and
> 	    HAVE_STATVFS are defined. Two proposed patches follow: one changes
>             existing www/firefox/patches/patch-bq, the other is a proposed
> 	    new patch, prehaps www/firefox/patches/patch-cg

HAVE_STATVFS is defined by configure, but HAVE_SYS_STATFS_H is not
defined if HAVE_STATVFS is defined.