Subject: Re: Simple commands to add own patches to pkgsrc softwares
To: None <>
From: John Nemeth <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 12/27/2007 05:15:36
On Apr 13,  4:01pm, Cem Kayali wrote:
} I would like to apply my own patches and build pkgsrc softwares, but it
} creates error message. I checked
} "" already, but it stil
} fails, i probably make a mistake.
} Steps:
} 1- Exract original software.

     You can use "make extract" for this step.

} 2- Copy original_file.c to original_file.c.orig
} 3- Edit original_file.c

     You can use 'pkgvi' for these two steps.

} 4- Run "pkgdiff original_file.c.orig original_file.c"
} 5- Place patch into "pkgsrc/category/software/patches/"
} 6- Run "make makedistinfo" in "pkgsrc/category/software/"

     You probably just want "make mps" for this step.

} Once i try to "make install" it says, patch is inappropriate format.

     Not sure about this.  But, if you are in a subdirectory of the
package when you do the 'pkgdiff' you may have to edit filename in the
patch to include the path.  Also, you can use "make patch" to test how
well your patches are working.

}-- End of excerpt from Cem Kayali