Subject: Re: Unable to boot "install-CD" of 4.0 "final"
To: Zbigniew Baniewski <>
From: Jean-Yves Migeon <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 12/22/2007 18:01:11
Zbigniew Baniewski a écrit :
> After I take a closer look, I could see, that actually it did recognize USB
> ports at much earlier stage. The problem seems to be, that it's getting
> "frozen", when it's trying to recognize USB devices (directly after HDD
> recognition).
> But presently it halts further booting whether there are any USB-peripherals
> connected, or not (in the latter case booting messages are ending on the HDD
> recognition).
> There weren't such problems in 3.1. Even in the case of Zafer's "jihbed"
> live-CD it passed the booting, when my mouse wasn't connected - which
> currently doesn't help anymore.
I had once similar problems with a dell computer and netbsd 3.1, with an 
usb keyboard. Using userconf + some disabling in it solved the problem 
(had to recompile a kernel afterwards, anyway...).

Give that a try (do not know if it will work for you though):

- start with install-cd
- during boot up phase, press any key to get boot prompt
- invoke userconf ( # boot -c )
- wait for userconf prompt to come, and try to "disable ehci", "disable 
uhci", "disable ohci" alternatively
- proceed boot further ( # exit)

In my case, disabling uhci made it work. It was not about a complete 
"freeze", the usb keyboard made the kernel went into panic() (just after 
sysinst start, I couldn't see it). I did not try to investigate further, 
since that computer did not have any PS2 nor serial port, and since the 
only possible solution was to unplug the usb keyboard to make it work, 
that was rather... unpractical.

Jean-Yves Migeon
4e annee - ESPCI -