Subject: Re: Tips for prolonging solid state drives?
To: <>
From: matthew sporleder <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 12/17/2007 10:32:07
On 12/17/07,
<> wrote:
> I now have an Asus Eee PC running NetBSD 4.0 (a releng netbsd-4 snapshot dated
> the 15th December). Someone suggested off list that I should try dd'ing boot
> floppies to a memory stick to kick start an installation, and that worked
> perfectly after I'd failed to get a bootable memory stick going. XFree86 works,
> but neither the wired or wireless ethernet appear to, so I'll be reinstalling
> with -current shortly in the hope that Quentin Garnier has been able to commit
> some appropriate changes.
> I tried to find a guide with tips for running NetBSD on hardware that includes
> a solid state drive, but didn't come across anything useful. I think the drive
> included in the Eee has built in wear leveling, but would like to be sure that
> I've done everything else I can to extend the life of the drive. I have added
> the "noatime" option to my /etc/fstab entry for /, as well as adding tmpfs
> entries for /tmp and /var/run. I have set a maximum size for tmp to 128M, and
> will monitor usage to see if it needs to be raised.
> I'm now wondering whether there are any other tweaks I should make to prolong
> the SSD life. I'm thinking of adding a third tmpfs entry for /var/log, but I'm
> worried I'll run out of memory pretty quickly with X and a few apps such as
> Firefox running. SO, I'm wondering if anyone has got any tips and tricks for
> these neat little machines!

I'm using mfs for /var/log and don't have too many problems with it.
I had to trick some stuff into touching files before apps would work,
but it wasn't that bad.

Also follow the notes I make in there about:  <--
read-only stuff.

Right now I'm working on cleaning up /var/spool and will update my
article when I do.