Subject: RE: Another flamewar [was: GPT guids]
To: Quentin Garnier <>
From: De Zeurkous <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 12/16/2007 19:28:17

On Sun, December 16, 2007 18:44, Quentin Garnier wrote:
> Mr. De Zeurkous,

Since 'De Zeurkous' is Dutch for 'The Whining Bastard', you may omit the
'Mr.' :)

> I am very sorry, but there is possible definition of "we" in your mouth
> that I feel I could belong to.

IIRC, I only used the word 'we' three times in this discussion; only two
of those times referred to people outside the bubble. The first time
indicated the people who participated in the flame war in question (of
which I'm not sure you were a participant; too lazy to look it up); the
second 'we' indicated 'anyone interested in, what, in my opinion, is an
appropriate disklabel format'. I did not meant to explicitly and/or
implicitly include anyone specific, except for me that is :^)

> I think it is time you and the readers of the various NetBSD mailing
> lists were reminded that you hold no official position in the NetBSD
> project,

I thought I'd indicated that more than once. If there are people here that
are somehow too dense to get it yet, here's another indication: I Do Not
Speak For The NetBSD Foundation Or The Offical Entity Named 'The NetBSD
Project'. Got It?

> and that merely breathing hot air

It's hard not to do that in a freezing cold IRL place (don't worry -- it's
just the way I like it 8).

> does not constitute a kind
> of contribution to the project our readers should consider as valuable.

Who the fsck are you to dictate everyone reading this what they should
consider as 'valuable'?!

> I am worried that your repeated non-sense and promises of self-driven
> projects might draw people away from the NetBSD project after they
> mistakenly interpret your self-confident writings as something one could
> expect from the members of the NetBSD community.

1a) I'm not a member of the NetBSD community;
1b) Since this is the way you conduct affairs, I do not wish to be a
member of the NetBSD community (some off-hand (semi-)contributions to the
project are enough for me);
2) Non-sense? Perhaps. We'll judge that again in a few years;
3) Promises? Most defenitely. All you know is a relatively comfortable
life where promised things will be delivered next Xmas by Santa. Well,
here in my life the basic personal and even material issues have not all
been resolved yet, so delays are to be expected to say the least. What is
a delay of months compared to a whole life, much less the history, present
and future of the UNIX System and computing in general?

> Therefore, I am begging you

Don't beg, get a spine. A few years living between idiots should make a
good contribution to that goal.

> to step away from the mailing lists,

Not if /you/ are (note: plural) the ones blowing everything out of
proportion. Look at this conversation. Someone asks about GPT GUID
assignments, and I point them to a past flame war with a fair amount of
content, briefly state my opinion, and end with a personal,
non-threatening comment on a personal project. It's not even a passive
attack. And immediately the flames burst out.

I'm moving this to netbsd-lusers. No reason in spamming another tech list
with a flame war, even if it dies out here and now (and I hope so, as it
doesn't seem to server any purpose this time).

> and
> maybe later let people make a brand new opinion of you by looking at
> some actual achievements.

I'm the Whining Bastard. I'm always late and broken after ages of hard and
crap work. But I /do get things done/. I've proven that before (I'd like
to say "don't ask" here, but that wouldn't be fair) and I will prove it


De Zeurkous

Friggin' Machines!

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