Subject: mounting a bsd boot floppy though vnd
To: None <>
From: Gilbert Fernandes <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 12/13/2007 14:03:56
Hello !

I am trying to build a new set of g4u floppy disks. I have the current 
g4u floppies, but the problem is their kernel is based on NetBSD 3.1
which does not recognize the ethernet card of the machine I want to dump.

I do know that NetBSD 4.0_RC5 recognizes the ethernet card. So I would
like to mount the floppies and update the kernel there (if this is

So I did dump the floppy 1 and 2
used vnconfig to link each file to a vnd :

vnconfig vnd0 g4u1.img
vnconfig vnd1 g4u2.img

But when I try to mount the floppy it says incorrect super block.

disklabel vnd0 shows /dev/vnd0a to be 4.2FFS so :

mount /dev/vnd0a /mnt

should work. But since those are boot floppies.. and because
the kernel is loaded from disk1 then 2.. perhaps I cannot mount
them like that.

I have downloaded g4u sources and patched my local /usr/src source
tree. Mine is 4.0_RC5 of course since I want to boot a 4.0_RC5
kernel rather than a 3.1 as the g4u actually have.

I should be using the g4u script, I know, the problem is it is very, 
very long to run (it does a whole build on /usr/src I think) and all I 
need it to compile from 4.0_RC5 a kernel, and install it inside the two 
g4u floppies (it this is possible).

Building a whole build just to create two floppies seems a bit overkill 
and very long ot me (especially since last time I tried it failed after 
a looooong time).

Is is possible to move my compiled G4U kernel from 4.0_RC5 to the 
current g4u 3.1 based floppies using vnd/mount and tricks ?

Or should I forgot this idea and be nice and build /usr/src and then 
produce the floppies ? :/