Subject: Re: Support for VIA processors
To: None <>
From: Alan Post <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 12/10/2007 16:05:43
In article <>, Joel CARNAT wrote:
> I'm looking at (VIA) fanless mini-itx boxes and found that:
> CPU type	VIA Eden(V4)/ C7 nano BGA2 400 pin, L1/L2 128K on die
> Front Side Bus	400/533 MHz
> MB Chipset 	VIA CX700M
> Graphics 	Integrated with VIA CX700M Shared system memory up to 128MB
> Is this supported on NetBSD ?
> I found a reference for "C3 Nehemiah" in identcpu.c but found nothing
> about C7 or CX700M.

A friend of mine has successfully used NetBSD 4.0 RC5 on two C7
boards, but only after trying a couple of different DIMMs --
presumably memory compatibility problems.

I myself have a (much slower) C3-based CL6000E, running NetBSD 3.

Also possibly of interest to you:
  Intel D201GLY2
Though I don't know if anyone has tried NetBSD on the D201GLY2 yet.