Subject: proper syntax for login.conf
To: None <>
From: Gilbert Fernandes <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 12/05/2007 02:05:46

I have been trying to setup a login.conf file in /etc
in order to raise the openfiles variable per process
for users.

I did read the man pages files and even searched using
google to find some doc.

I did this :

a) I did use chpass over the user, in order to put
   the user inside the "defaut" class so the chpass username
   looks a little like this :

   Change [month day year]:
   Expire [month day year]:
   Class: defaut

b) Since there was no login.conf file I did create one
   as root. By checking the login.conf man page, I did
   put the defaut name then on the next line I did put
   the openfiles variable. Here below is man page example
   and what I did put inside my /etc/login.conf file :

   classname|Description entry:\


   since it's the last line, no \ at the end and
   just :

   I have tried with and without the "description entry"

c) Then, I did generate a new .db file using the command :

   cap_mkdb login.conf

Problem is as soon those changes are done, no su nor any
login can be done.

The error is always :

pam_acct_mgmt: error in service module

I did try to read the man pages and make it work properly
but it doesnt work how I would like it to.

Has anyone a procedure or working example ?


unzip ; strip ; touch ; grep ; find ; finger ; mount ; fsck ; more ;
yes ; fsck ; umount ; sleep