Subject: Re: changing to NetBSD, still not quite sure... :-/
To: Douglas A. Tutty <>
From: David Brownlee <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 10/30/2007 09:50:01
On Mon, 29 Oct 2007, Douglas A. Tutty wrote:

> At the moment (i.e. this week), I have one box on NetBSD (486) since the
> drive is small.  I'm not using X on it; its a glorified thin client
> (text only) via ssh.  It was installing on this box that I discovered
> the difficutly with installing packages over an unreliable phone
> connection.  If I need X on the 486 things get interesting with its
> S3Vision864 with sdac video.  It needs a version 3 xfree86 to work well;
> Xorg works less well.  OpenBSD comes with the version 3 drivers _and_
> Xorg in the base install so I can get X without adding any additional
> packages.  I understand that to do that on NetBSD I have to install from
> pkgsrc.  Since that means I have to work out the dependancies and
> dowload the tarballs one at a time manually (due to needing to
> interrupt the phone), its a major headache.

 	I think setting PKG_RESUME_TRANSFERS=yes in /etc/mk.conf may
 	give you the behaviour you want under pkgsrc :)

 		David/absolute       -- No hype required --