Subject: Re: changing to NetBSD, still not quite sure... :-/
To: None <>
From: Christian Baer <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 10/28/2007 23:57:18
On Sun, 28 Oct 2007 15:47:43 -0700 Andy Ruhl wrote:

>> - keep the system up to date
>>   Under FreeBSD I did this with cvsup and rebuilding the system
> You made a whole lot of points, and I could probably respond to most
> with a half baked answer, but this one I think you really need to dig
> into.

You are also very welcome to give me half baked answers. :-) Although I
really expect (not in demanding sense) some answers now that I have gotten
to know the list, I'd still prefer half baked ones to none.


> Try it, you'll like it.

Yeah, I actually expected that. If an OS can cross-compile as elegantly as
NetBSD, updates shouldn't be a problem.

Es there something like mergemaster on NetBSD?

> There are downsides though. I'm not really much of a C coder, so when
> there are problems I can't really whine because I can't fix them
> myself. 

I used to be pretty good with C++, though I am a bit out of practice, but
I suck at C too.

> I opened up a new bug which may make me decide to go back to FreeBSD, I
> really need it to work.

May I ask what exactly this was? I'm just trying to estimate the magnitude
of the bug you are talking about.

> So it's not all fun and games.

It never is. No OS is perfect and expecting that of any OS would be
pathetic. Sometimes there are screw-ups sometimes there are glitches. Shit
happens and the developers are humans and let's keep it that way.

I can live with the occasional bug or an error in the source tree that
causes a build to break. I just get annoyed if this kind of thing stays
for weeks on end and I need the update to fix a critical bug or security
hole. But I can't really imagine that happening.