Subject: Re: Changing to NetBSD
To: None <>
From: Douglas A. Tutty <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 10/23/2007 17:26:35
On Tue, Oct 23, 2007 at 10:11:58AM -0400, Brian A. Seklecki wrote:
> > - OpenOffice
> 2.x requires Java to build.  Both are flagged for-i386-only.
> I will pay for functional OO2.x and Java on amd64, if someone wants to
> ballpark the man hours to make i386 linux emulation work on amd64
> Oh and I'll double up for Evolution and gFTP.

Debian has OO and gFTP (don't know about Evolution) in amd64.  Can
NetBSD amd64 run linux amd64?

For simplicity, could you set up a chroot and install debian into it
with debootstrap then use debian's package tool (aptitude) to install
OO, gFTP, whatever, then run those apps from within NetBSD?

Does NetBSD have something like Debian's schroot that allows normal
users to run apps as themselves within the chroot?