Subject: Re: virtualization and a SCO openserver on NetBSD? vmware3?
To: John Nemeth <>
From: Carl Brewer <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 10/04/2007 14:01:14
John Nemeth wrote:
> On Feb 24,  7:43am, Carl Brewer wrote:
> } Brian A. Seklecki wrote:
> } > On Thu, 2007-10-04 at 10:53 +1000, Carl Brewer wrote:
> } 
> } >> I've got a client with an old SCO Openserver5 box running a 
> } >> mission-critical app (it's an airport and it runs their operations, 
> } >> scary ... anyway ...)
> } > 
> } > Don't we have the ability to emulate SCO/OpenServer binaries?:
> } > 
> } >         compat_ibcs2(8) - setup procedure for running binaries that
> } >         conform to the Intel Binary Compatibility Standard 2, e.g. SCO
> } >         Unix and others derived from AT&T SVR3.
> } 
> } I could give it a try, it's an old Progress (4GL) database, but I'd 
> } rather run it in a VM for the reasons explained earlier - easy to back 
> } up, easy to move and make essentially independent of hardware issues.
> } They'll probably be running this thing for another 15 years and I want 
> } to protect them as best I can (yes, I've told them to replace the system 
> } ...)
>      Are they aware that SCO has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy
> protection and that there is a very good chance that SCO will be out of
> business within a year?  There is also the question of whether SCO will
> be able to run on hardware coming out in the next five years nevermind
> 15.  The only way it would be able to run is in an emulator and even
> that could be iffy.  They really need to start planning to replace it
> now.

Yes, I've explained all this to them and they know.  As long as I can 
keep the thing going on a VM, it's mostly academic though - the system 
is essentially static, and as long as I can keep a consistant VM 
environment for it it will probably outlast the business.

Adding /usr/pkg/etc/rc.d/ fixed the install problem for vmware-module3, 
btw, thankyou.

It'll be interesting to see if it'll work :)