Subject: Re: NetBSD NSF server with OS X NFS clients
To: Hauke Fath <>
From: Jukka Marin <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 09/27/2007 21:05:48
On Thu, Sep 13, 2007 at 01:00:55PM +0200, Hauke Fath wrote:
> At 13:33 Uhr +0300 13.09.2007, Jukka Marin wrote:
> >NFS was working just fine between NetBSD systems and an embedded linux
> >box.  Then a Macbook entered the house and the problems began.  First,
> >I had to allow mount requests from ports >=1023.  Then, I noticed that
> >files with umlaut characters (, , ,  on my case) in their names
> >cannot be accessed by OS X.  Some kind of a Latin-1 vs. UTF thing.
> Depending on how much you actually rely on genuine NFS properties, 
> you may be happier with Netatalk. I don't know when I last mounted an 
> NFS share on my PowerBook...

First, thanks to all who responded to my post.

Today, I finally installed netatalk, but despite of trying several
combinations of options in /usr/pkg/etc/netatalk/afpd.conf, I can't
make the ISO-8859-1 characters of the file server show properly on the
OS X client.  They look more like Chinese to me in Finder, for example.

The good news is that now the Mac software (like vlc) can actually access
the files (with NFS, the files showed up in file selector windows, but
when you selected a file, the application could not find it).

I have "-unixcodepage ISO-8859-1 -volcharset ISO-8859-1" in my afpd
config, but these options did not help.  Hmm, in syslog I see lots of
messages like

Sep 27 19:00:42 pyy afpd[16658]: Conversion from UTF8 to MAC_ROMAN for
p\366\366p\344\344p\345\345 (440) failed.

I guess afpd still believes the local file names are using UTF8
although everything is ISO-8859-1 coded..


I don't do any kind of user mapping at the moment - I'm trying to share
our mp3 and video library with the Mac as a read only disk.  If I ever
get a Macbook of my own, I will need some way of mapping OS X users
to NetBSD ones.. but first I must get the file name issue solved.