Subject: Re: Installing local packages and NetBSD guide
To: <>
From: Michael Kell Jensen <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 09/25/2007 19:18:46
reed wrote:
 >That depends on the particular software's build/installation system.>
 >If using autoconf/configure style, you can use:

Well the question was not to how to set the path, but where Netbsd
says i should put it.

I didnt set any path for configure,so configure put it in
which im okay by, for now. (/usr/local/bin/genext2fs)

 >it might be better to figure out how to get it in pkgsrc or ask 
someone >to help for pkgsrc, since others can benefit.

I completely agree with that, i thought about it, so i didnt have to 
find out about /usr/local
However im pretty busy since this is for a project at university im 
doing right now ..., however autumn holiday is coming up , so maybe then :)

by the way my first port i was trying was xara extreme, i didnt get
very far though ..., i think this is much more suitable for me.
talk about hubris! :)

# /usr/local

the way im understanding this, is that historically local was used to
install applications that was site specific, and unique,
forexample installed by source, so you wouldnt know if
you would have a program that was incompatible with an earlier
When installed under local, you would be conscious of this.
I also thiink this is mentioned in my unix system administration 
handbook somewhere.

# man page

Definitely i think that this should be documented in man hier.
That part is for the system administrator, so that will encourage
consistency, and applications will be installed the same place
where ever you go unless the administrator choose to create another
scheme (see zerkous post).