Subject: Installing local packages and NetBSD guide
To: None <>
From: Michael Kell Jensen <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 09/25/2007 13:01:23

I had to run a program that is not in pkgsrc

While being pretty sure i should install it in /usr/local
or /usr/localbin or some such.

I wanted to be sure it was correct, but i couldnt find anything
on it.

i tried man hier:
but reading it several times and searching for /local
didnt give anything.

I read the guide and found this section

Section 4:15 installing software packages

And i think that either in this chapter or one after,before
there should be a section on installing "local" software
That is from 3rd party sources. (not pkgsrc).

There is also a discussion on bsdforums: here

Also i read somewhere that NetBSD makes a directory for each program?
Cant seem to find it right now?

But now i install my program (genext2fs)into /usr/local/
or should it be /usr/local/genetx2fs/ ?

So shouldnt man hier mention /usr/local ?

like this maybe

	local		for installing software local to
			the site, from source or 3rd party


and maybe put that into the guide near or in chapter 4.15?

regards Michael