Subject: Help determining if my drive is big enough
To: None <>
From: Douglas A. Tutty <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 09/24/2007 11:53:35
I have a P-II with 64 MB ram and an 850 MB hard drive.

I want to use it as a thin client to access my Athlon64 box, located
elsewhere in the house, that runs Debian Etch.

I want to use ssh, have an X server and Icewm running (Trident AGP video
card), and run apps on the Athlon to show on the P-II display.  Apps
such as Konqueror and Iceweasel (Firefox).

I can do this running Etch but Etch runs really slowly on the box even
with LANG=C and its locales package removed.  Debian tells me its
because of all the extra libs that they link against that are not
required on a P-II.  Its also a bit of a drive-space shoe-horn job.  It
barely fits so that I have to be carefull installing security update

I can do this running OpenBSD but I can't fit all of OpenBSD on the
drive and have space left to actually build any security fixes.

I'm wondering if I can do this on NetBSD.  Is 850 MB enough for the
NetBSD full install, plus lynx, links(graphical), icewm, mutt, popa3d;
plus enough space to be able to keep the box up-to-date by applying
security patches and building as necessary?  Its this latter part that
I'm unsure of since I've never done it before to know how much space it

I know drives are cheap but I don't have any used-parts stores around;
ebay shipping costs as much as a new drive; this is the only box I have
that takes PATA drives.

Will this work?