Subject: Re: answering machine
To: <>
From: None <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 09/18/2007 08:42:33
> That is part of this pkg, IIRC:
> pkgsrc/comms/mgetty+sendfax
> That is what I used back in analog days (with ISDN phone lines, things are
> a bit different)
> Martin

Yes! The original poster was looking for mp3, and my memory says I think 
the audio from the Rockwell chips was some sort of lower quality ADPCM... 
So the OP would need to write a script to take the voice mails / messages 
and run them thru Sox or similiar, then mail em. But it would work, and 
the modems should be free these days.

I always wanted to mess with the fax features of the modem, and see if I 
could get the fax to get about halfway thru, then keep sending 
error - retry commands to keep fax spammers on the line for days at a 
time. A tarpit for fax spammers. Never got around to that one, and I think 
fax machines will give up after a certain number of errors.

 				- Ethan