Subject: gcc4, how to get it easyish
To: None <>
From: Michael Kell Jensen <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 09/18/2007 14:05:11
Hi Netbsd users

I starting on a course in operating systems,
parallel and realtime systems.
(well maybe the name is a bit misleading).

Anyways we are getting source code to a basic kernel.
and shall then enhance it, with different functionality etc.

We target the AMD64 (+emt64), which we emulate in bochs.
We use bochs because it has a debug facility.
(i asked about using qemu, but the course instructor, said
we will use bochs because of these reasons )

Q: does Qemu not have a debugging mode like the bochs emulator?

[Here comes the question :]
Outside of bochs, we will use gcc
the course instructor has given us a lot of files
etc  and source code, he has provided us with
cygwin, with the gcc compiler version 4.1.1, that we use
to compile it with.I however offcourse want to do
the assignment on NetBSD since that is my main system now

Question, mucho importante

Is there an easy way to get gcc 4.1.1 or close by
without resorting to compile from source
(or should i just compile from source?)

There is a 4.2 gcc in wip, but i have a feeling
that pkgsrc wip is a bit less tested.
(but it should be better than compiling it from
source right, more netbsd like setup ?)

Also isnt the even gcc version numbers, indicating development
bracnh, looked it up in gnu but didnt find anything with a
quick look.


Since netbsd are using an older compiler version
does that give problems when new architectures with newer
features appear, or do we use a more recent compiler for that
, or are there patches to the old version, or what is done,
how does it work?


does the netbsd amd64  port give me a more recent compiler
than 3.4 (from pkgsrc) or 3.3.3, (well i dont have a amd64
but i could use the emulators.)

ok maybe i should split this into more topics?
I also hope to be foregiven for asking so many questions,
I know some of it could be found with some searching.
Did some searching for all of my questions,  but maybe
not to much since im reading lots of paper on amd64 architecture.

This should probably be asked in tech-kern right? or some other
netbsd tech list?
I will probably have a lot of more technical questions
later on.

Regards Cognacc