Subject: The old wd1a:netbsd ensnarement
To: None <>
From: Eric d'Alibut <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 09/15/2007 18:21:18
I was given a Dell windows machine, and I noticed a 26g or so second
hard drive had been added to it. Now, I'm not usually a dual-boot guy,
but I said to myself, "Self, you ought to try to put NetBSD on that
second drive, and boot it from a floppy."

The install went easily enough, but then, after the first install
floppy brings me to the boot prompt, this is what happens:

> boot wd1a:netbsd
booting wd1a:netbsd
open wd1a:netbsd: Device not configured
boot wd1a:netbsd: Device not configured
> _

If I go to /bin/sh from sysinst, I can 'mount -t ffs /dev/wd1a /mnt'
and ls the file system, which appears to be where it's supposed to be,
replete with its kernel, netbsd.

All suggestions this side of self-immolation gratefully considered!

No no no, my fish's name is Eric, Eric the fish. He's an halibut. I am
not a looney! Why should I be tarred with the epithet looney merely
because I have a pet halibut?