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From: [Rei] Yudha Harimantoro Tejaningrat <>
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Date: 09/14/2007 08:26:57
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Subject: Re: Emulation

> How you installed your netbsd ? You can try to boot install cd and
> mount that virtual disk. Then you can copy /dev/console from CD
> memory disk to the virtual disk dev directory and try it again.
> Probably best option for developing code for netbsd is use is in
> native mode :).
I just run "qemu.exe -L "C:\Program Files\Qemu\pc-bios" -m 64 -hda 
hda.sys -cdrom i386cd-3.1.iso -localtime -boot d"
And the emulation stop with the warnings.

I've run linux before, and everything're fine. No error found.
I can install on hda.sys as my image hd.

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