Subject: Re: Sylpheed-Claws: IMAP capable?
To: Eric d'Alibut <>
From: Daniel Horecki <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 09/07/2007 21:08:50
2007/9/7, Eric d'Alibut <>:
> I have built sylpheed-claws from pkgsrc:
> sylpheed-claws-2.5.5 X based e-mail and netnews client
> It works fine with a POP host. When it did not connect to any IMAP
> host I tried, I looked at the Makefile and noticed the configuration
> was such as to not build against libetpan, which the package's home
> page told me was required for IMAP. I made these changes in the
> Makefile:
> BUILDLINK_ABI_DEPENDS.libetpan+=        libetpan>=0.46
> CONFIGURE_ARGS+=        --enable-libetpan
> .include "../../mail/libetpan/"

and comment out

# CONFIGURE_ARGS+=        --disable-libetpan


anyway, why don't use claws-mail? It's newer sylpheed-claws under new name...


Daniel 'Shinden' Horecki