Subject: Re: adding multiple partitions?
To: Chavdar Ivanov <>
From: James Hartley <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 09/06/2007 20:59:08
On 9/6/07, Chavdar Ivanov <> wrote:
> > > On Thu, Sep 06, 2007 at 12:09:39PM -0700, James Hartley wrote:
> > > > 2.  If a swap partition is specified on a new disk, what needs to be
> > > > done to notify the system that it is to split the existing swap across
> > > > two disks?  ie.  I created two partitions on a new disk, swap &
> > > > 4.2BSD.  After mounting the 4.2BSD partition, I saw no change in the
> > > > amount of swap reported by top(1).
> > >
> > > You have to add the new swapspace in /etc/fstab.  See man fstab(5).

This appears to be correct.  After reading through swapctl(8), I don't
see any way to add a swap partition without editing /etc/fstab first.
There is the -a option to swapctl, but this appears to provide the
ability to enable some other partition type (4.2BSD, etc.) to serve as
swap if I am interpreting the definition of "path" correctly.

Thanks again for your clarification.