Subject: Re: Dell Latitude XPi P133ST (WAS: boot loader, dual-boot support)
To: didier gaumet <>
From: Julian H. Stacey <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 09/06/2007 22:03:42
> This laptop has served as a test machine for several OSes.
> - I think I have succeeded to configure sound in a previous installation of
> NetBSD, but I've not tested nor configured sound after the last NetBSD
> re-installation. 
> - Present OS is NetBSD 3.1 with a stock GENERIC_LAPTOP kernel.
> - For me, pcmcia ethernet card worked out of the box. Are you sure yours
> is a true (16 bits) pcmcia one and not a cardbus (32 bits) one? This Dell
> is not cardbus compatible...  
> - X11 needs deactivation of acceleration and activation of hardware
> cursor, though the cursor is not working perfectly in the right part of the
> screen... 
> Find hereunder my dmesg and XF86Config files:

PCMCIA work for me too on FreeBSD-4.11 & I believe NetBSD too, it
just doesn't on FreeBSD-6 (which (I think along with FreeBSD-5)
abandoned a lot of old laptops, (some say they may be re-supported
again in some version of FreeBSD-7 not yet released.) I'll have
another go with NetBSD in a few days & report back, Thanks a lot !

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