Subject: Re: boot loader, dual-boot support
To: Mark Weinem <>
From: Julian H. Stacey <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 09/05/2007 00:54:09
Mark Weinem wrote:
> Hi,
> Concerning dual-booting (or multi-booting), which operating systems are
> supported by the boot loader?
> I know that it can boot Windows XP, but it did not work for me with
> Linux and FreeBSD systems.
> Kind regards, Mark Weinem

I got bitten by NetBSD's boot loader. It killed my FreeBSD bootable
partition.   Perhaps some might say "User Error" &
that I killed my FreeBSD MBR, whatever the details are here:

PS dont ask me did I do .... I have a memory like a sieve, & it was
some months back, any & all remaining detail is on that page.  It
was just an experiment to see if NetBSD X11 supported pcmcia &
laptop graphics chip better than FreeBSD-4.11 X11 did, (as FreeBSD-6.2
(that I wanted with newer x-org) is useless on a number of older
laptops (no pcmcia, see URL above).

PPS I mostly use FreeBSD. I have a PC532 I keep meaning to put
NETBSD back on again, & I promote all of Free/Net/Open (eg ) so please don't anyone think
I'd favour some Free V. Net slug fest, far from it, I'd just be
be grateful if any BSD could run pcmcia ether & X11 on that 
Dell Latitude XPi P133ST.

Julian Stacey. Munich Computer Consultant, BSD Unix C Linux.
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