Subject: netbsd-4 locking against itself
To: None <>
From: dieter roelants <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 09/03/2007 15:07:54

Last week, I upgraded a colocated server to 4.0_BETA2. Within 4 hours,
it paniced with 'locking against myself'. At that time, I didn't have
much time to do something about it, so I went back to the data center
and rebooted it with a UP kernel (GENERIC, in fact). It stayed up until
sometime during last night. Again locking against myself and then hung
on 'syncing disks...'. I have now installed and booted a 4.0_RC1 with
options DDB, DEBUG, DIAGNOSTIC, and LOCKDEBUG. Unfortunately I'm not
really skilled in debugging kernels and using ddb. So, in preparation
for my new kernel to panic, I have some questions:

- what are the commands I should enter (besides bt)?
- is it possible to let the kernel dump its core on a RAID1 device?
- is there someone who could help me get useful information when it
  crashes (like via IRC)

About the machine; it's a dual opteron system with 3GB RAM, some
raidframe sets (2x RAID1, 1x RAID5) and a bunch of null mounts. I don't
think I have anything unusal in my configuration...

PS. On a completely unrelated note; there might be some unforseen
downtime for some belgian mirror services in the near future. ;)

Kind regards