Subject: dynamic dns update by dhcpd.[SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]
To: None <>
From: Paul (NCC/CS.) <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 08/19/2007 22:22:46
how can I get updates into the dns from dhcpd when 
a new machine comes on my network?

If i add a new machine, I give it a name and it gets 
an address from being a dhcp client. But the dhcp server
that also runs named can't seem to add the new name
to the dns database. Quite debilitating.

In the client I have in dhclient.conf
send host-name "laddy"; 

So I think it's something in named.conf on the server.
But what?
( I have a server machine that does named and dhcpd ).

thanks for any help:)