Subject: Re: none
To: Stephen Borrill <>
From: Rakhesh Sasidharan <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 08/06/2007 20:29:49
> On Mon, 6 Aug 2007, Greg Troxel wrote:
>> I would suggest installing a snapshot of 4.0_BETA2.  See
>> for where to get them.
> Plus if you want to play with Xen, you'll need 4.0 or later to support Xen-3 
> with NetBSD as a Dom0.

Ah ha! I had overlooked that part. I remember reading on the site that 
NetBSD 3.1 supports dom0 ... but I guess that must be Xen-2 then. (Don't 
have web access right now so can't check the website).