Subject: strange problem with file name lendge
To: None <>
From: kiril Vladimirov <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 08/04/2007 23:41:18
Hi there!

a strange problem with proftpd on netbsd!
there are 2 similar machines, machine a and B, bothe of them with 3.1 
and proftpd 1.3.x.
The only diff. is that FTP root on machine B is over NFS volume.
the problem is: On ftp server on machine A I can upload files with long 
lendge file names with no problem, but on machine B all of files after 
upload are cuted to 14 symbols.. As I see no any kind of restriction of 
lendge of file name for proFTP server.
Any idea? Is it problem of FTP server or is NFS problem?