Subject: Re: Java for NetBSD
To: Chris Wareham <>
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List: netbsd-users
Date: 05/28/2007 03:56:42
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On Sat, 26 May 2007 13:31:51 +0100
Chris Wareham <> wrote:

> > Is there any JRE or JDK for NetBSD?
> > I'm not interested in Java for Suse Linux which dominates ftp
> > repositories.

> As well as the Linux JDK's, which run on i386 NetBSD under Linux
> emulation, there are the SCSL source code versions. These can be used
> to build a native JDK for NetBSD. This requires the Linux version to
> bootstrap it, but once the native version is installed you can delete
> the Linux version along with all the SuSE packages.


First, I do not know C/C++. Second I'm not professional programmer if

Second, I wonder why GNU/Linux __can__ and __may__ have binary packages
to download and install in an easy way but __not__ NetBSD?

Third, I "make-ed scsl-jdk" (and -jre) from pkgsrc-2007Q1 but I didn't
have to compile anything. No suse, no linux etc stuffs. All I had to do
was to download __binaries__ from
site and in 3 minutes I got JDK/JRE on board (after running make install
or make package). "java -version" command gave me appropriate message.

What didn't I understand from your remarks about compiling and

Alas, a few program for java I tried failed. BTW, these NetBSD versions
come without Firefox plugins so web browser testing isn't possible.

> sparc64 platforms for instance). The simplest solution for now is to
> run the Linux version under emulation, but if you want to try
> building the native version yourself check out the versions in
> pkgsrc-wip.

Fourth, what are differences between pkgsrc/scsl and pkgsrc-wip/scsl as
far as java is concerned?

Let me say NetBSD for me is only an operating system which I need for
other tasks and nothing more. I'm not "lovingly inclined" to NetBSD. It
just suits my needs well (and even better). But having unreliable Java
(and complete mish-mash in head about java in NetBSD) I am unable to
test/check java dependent packages I need which supposedly ( :) ) had to
be written once and run many and.

I know I'm writing to _NetBSD_ user's list instead to pkgs/apps one.

Some time ago I tried to turn your attention (NetBSD developers
mainly to be exact) to application side of The NetBSD Project. That
pkgsrc _has to be_ more consistent in providing basic sets of
applications and that should be their initiative to _demand_ (or "set a
path/focus" as you do not like the word "demand") what NetBSD should
work with or what should be installed and run smoothly __first__. Java
decidedly belongs to the category.

Any help appreciated. TIA. :)
Przemysław Pawełczyk <>
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