Subject: Re: question about NetBSD syslog
To: Michael van Elst <>
From: Jeremy C. Reed <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 05/24/2007 08:00:58
On Thu, 24 May 2007, Michael van Elst wrote:

> This just drops a valuable feature: logging events to
> multiple destinations independently.

That could be just an option. (Coding seems very simple. See my other 

> The thing that you cannot do with syslog now is to
> log only low priority events but skip high priority
> events. I.e.:
>	only-info.log
> will result in only-info.log to get all events with
> priority info or higher.

Use the "=" (equal) comparison flag. See the syslog.conf(5) man page.

user.=info	only-info.log

Or use the syslogd -U switch. See the syslogd(8) man page.

  Jeremy C. Reed