Subject: Re: NetBSD 4 Release date and upgrade
To: None <>
From: Simon Truss <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 05/20/2007 12:42:24
Wouter Schoot wrote:
> Hi ck74 (and Jeff in CC)
>> I would like to ask, whether someone knows scheduled release date of
>> official NetBSD 4?
> This is unknown. Every person seems to be in the dark on this one.
>> It would be helpfull, because if there is only a month or less, i plan to
>> wait for official iso releases.
> I don't think that a release will be there within a month; Release
> Candidates however may be more realistic.

I've been using 4Beta2 for some months now. I have 4 copies running 
quite happily with no problems since January. The only problem I did 
have was common to all NetBSD xen3 DomU releases and was promptly fixed.

> The last official statement on the NetBSD 4.0 release process is dated
> "Dec 3, 2006", send by Jeff Rizzo. This was right after NetBSD4_BETA2 was
> created.

There was a stealth announcement about the upcoming hackathon to prepare 
for 4.0. This is focused on preparing for release :-) focusing on 
installation, documentation and any blocking PRs that remain. It runs 
from Mon 21st to 23rd May.


> 1) The people working on NetBSD are all volunteers. This means they don't
> (usually) get paid for their work on NetBSD. This also means they work on
> NetBSD in their spare- or free time. Therfor, this gives some troubles
> trying to pin-point an exact release date, as available time may shift
> during the release process.

since this thread should be getting some attention re 4.0 could I 
suggest everyone consider participating in the upcoming hackathon. I 
rather enjoyed them and have been working on various package fixes since 

As has been said many times volunteers need not be programmers and next 
week is a good opportunity to help out.