Subject: USB <-> SCSI adaptors -- suggestions?
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 05/16/2007 09:45:01

   I'm trying to use NetBSD 3.1 on x86 with a USB to SCSI bridge, which in 
turn is connected to a 9 track tape drive that I'm planning to install in 
a car as part of a mobile audio system.

   My current adaptors are ID'ed as Shuttle eUSCSI. Upon USB connection it 
appears to come up as scsibus0, but the final error is a general bus 
error. "scsictl /dev/scsibus0 scan any any" throws the same error (the LED 
on the adaptor does blink, but I think it's resetting). I'm thinking that 
perhaps the model and vendor information is in the code but perhaps it 
isn't supported. I can't find any proof of anyone on *BSD or Linux really 
using them, just that the vendor ID and model ID are in the source code.

   Are there any suggested older USB to SCSI or PCMCIA scsi adaptors that 
are known to work with NetBSD 3.x on x86? I like the idea of USB as I'm 
eyeballing a few ARM based embedded boards (Technologic Systems or 
Gumstick). But if it's low cost (used market) and will work I'll go PCMCIA 
to get this done. High thruput isn't really needed, as long as it can do 
above 128Kbps ... the music should play. The smaller the buffer, the more 
reel to reel action in the trunk.

  				- Ethan O'Toole / Norfolk VA