Subject: Re: portable encrypted CD/USB
To: None <>
From: Thilo Jeremias <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 05/15/2007 21:27:15
Douglas Allan Tutty wrote:
> I see in the netbsd guide about using the CGD to create an encrypted CD.
> It does note that such a CD can't be read with any other OS.
> Does anyone know of a tool to do something similar that is cross-OS
> between especially NetBSD and Debian GNU/Linux?  Ideally, it wouldn't be
> limited to CD but could be used on e.g. USB sticks.
> Thanks,
> Doug.
Things at a filesystem level are highly incompatible and specific to the OS,
easier (not as elegant though) would be to script something around well 
ported tools like openssl

(you might even include scripts for win/lnx & bsd) that call
openssl enc -aes-256-cbs -d -pass "$1" -in "$2.cryp" -out "$2"

and this converts an encrypted file.
On unix you can then mount this file as a loopback device and unlink it 
on windows ( with cygwin tar or similar) you could also use openssl (or 
any other encrypting tool)

This would be my 5c of have it compatible

How well ported is cfs? Does it still only use des ? ( I would hihgly 
advise against des (even 3des wouldn't be my choice)

It would be cool if someone develops a device that acts like a 
hard-drive (flash disk) and if a certain file is written to it, would 
use this (filename or content) to decrypt the flash and present the 
decrypted content as an standard folder inside this "virtual" drive.

Sounds like a pet project....