Subject: Re: Xorg 7 on NetBSD
To: arnuld <>
From: None <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 05/04/2007 10:12:30 wrote:
> i checked the latest build of NetBSD-daily. why we are not using
> X11R7.2 ? i think it is technically better and follows open standards
> better than XFree86, the open standards that NetBSD is committed to

My understanding is that the XFree86 code that is in NetBSD's CVS repository
contains changes that were not included in the upstream XFree86 prior to the
Xorg fork. This code enables or improves support for various non-x86 platforms,
and switching to Xorg would effectively be a regression for those platforms.

As for "standards", what would those be? Both XFree86 and Xorg speak the X11
protocol. If you mean the informal "standards" that fall under the freedesktop
umbrella, then most of these are available as add-on libraries in pkgsrc. Xorg
itself can also be installed from pkgsrc, currently 6.9 but people have been
discussing version 7 on the pkgsrc mailing list.